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Charles Bell Sr.



Charles has more than 30 years of financial and operations management, including software design, manufacturing, marketing, branding and distribution of healthcare products. He began his career in the early 1970's when he and his partner founded Westside Communications. During his tenure at Westside Communications he and his partner built the company from a two-man operation to a multimillion-dollar business serving nine southeastern states and more than 125 hospital customers.


In the early 1980's he saw a need to automate the process and delivery of patient requests. He founded Wescom a healthcare technology company and led the development of a patient-centric common path communications platform. In 2006 he rebranded Wescom as Intego Systems, Inc. Currently over 300 hospitals across the country are using this technology.




In February of 2012 he negotiated the sale of Intego Systems, Inc. to Critical Alert Systems, LLC and became an equity partner in Critical Alert Systems and was appointed the role as Chief Strategy and Business Development Officer. He is also an inventor with several patents.


Patent: U.S. Pat. No. 5,426,425 A locating and monitoring system includes transmitters worn by a person, animal, or equipment to transmit a unique identification code while moving about a facility.


Patent: U.S. Pat No. 5,957,603 Combination support and eraser for a dry erase marker.




He currently seeks out investments in startup companies that provide products and or services that improve patient care. His most recent investments include a startup company in the Telemedicine industry and a startup company in multichannel commerce:


Critical Alert Systems, LLC- Critical Alert designs and delivers the most technologically advanced, easy-to-use nurse call solutions on the market. By using native middleware, our systems allow clinicians to enhance their workflows, lower costs, improve staff performance, and raise patient satisfaction. Our systems capture and store all events and patient interactions allowing hospitals to generate relevant and customizable reporting with real-time dashboards.


Mobile Heartbeat- Mobile Heartbeat™ uses secure smartphones to improve clinical workflow and team communications, delivering better patient care at a lower cost. The Mobile Heartbeat solution consolidates clinical communications, including alarms and notifications, pertinent patient information and lab data, texting, voice, and photography.


Dr Connection Benefits, LLC- provides member’s access to board certified doctors 24/7 365 days a year at a substantial cost savings virus conventional ER, PCP or urgent care centers.


Owliee- Our Evolved Commerce® is the new evolution in convergent multichannel commerce. With our proprietary technology, we put interactive shoppers at the heart of eCommerce. Each day our technology is used by hundreds of global brands to engage with millions of new and loyal customers who are looking to seamlessly shop any channel on any device.

We keep it simple.


Charles is a member of UNF Brooks College of Health Dean's Council and the UNF Brooks College of Health Advancement Committee. He is also a board member at DeLuca/Park Group - Merrill Lynch Wealth Management and iJhana a Los Angeles based technology Services Company. Charles enjoys spending time with his family and loves his Jacksonville Jaguars. 

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