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Virtual consultations are a new and innovative way for health systems to enhance their brand, expand their services, and provide the right care, anytime, anywhere.


Our enterprise solution, provides Health Systems delivery networks with a superior technology platform that allows immediate and convenient access to providers for consultations via seamless and secure voice, video, email and mobile devices.

Extend your Brand with Telehealth


At the regional level, MDLIVE relationships are presented with your brand. This enables health system partners to leverage the brand awareness being generated by MDLIVE through their national campaign, but creates the opportunity to customize the story with your own key messages.

Health System Benefits


  • Generate revenue

  • Connect with local consumers & employers

  • Reduce enterprise healthcare costs

  • Improve patient access

  • Increase rural access and community outreach

  • Improve medical group productivity and satisfaction

  • Enhance care coordination and readiness for accountable care, through remote monitoring

This combined with partnering with brokers, agents, center’s of influence & third parties, provides a totally unique Total Connected Care Service.

Telehealth for Health Systems

DrCB Total Connect


Our management team has combined experience of over 25 years of Direct Sales and Marketing Experience and Know How of the Broker to business, business to employee and consumer telemedicine offering.


DrCB Total Connect pull through is a comprehensive marketing strategy to identify targets within the hospitals service area. DrCB Total Connect comprehensive effective sales strategy for brokers, TPAs, and self funded employers provides a sales channel for your Healthcare System. 


Provide  a complete “end to end” Telemedicine solution for your Health System with MDLIVE/DrCB.


  • Proven technology platform with EMR integration

  • Telemedicine sales pull through

  • Process management

  • Sales management and support for brokers, agents, center’s of influence & third parties   

DrCB Total Connect Flow

How it Works

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