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Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida – April 1, 2014 -Harvard Risk Management Corporation (HRMC) has executed a Master AgentAgreement with Dr. Connection Benefits (DrCB), adding telemedicine to their alreadycomprehensive product line. DrCB CEO TomWallace said, “With over 2,000 agents in thefield, and 17 regional offices, HRMC will beoffering telemedicine services to a large, anddiverse audience of consumers throughemployers, employees and associations acrossthe country. Consumer knowledge oftelemedicine is improving; Harvard Risk willcertainly accelerate that learning curve.

Tennessee Credit Union League is proud to announce that we have endorsed Dr Connection Benefits a Telemedicine Services Company.


DrCB offers our Credit Unions a very attractive REVENUE SHARING  opportunity when we market this product to your members. They also have special pricing for the employees of our Credit Unions to have this wonderful service!


The Dr. Connection Benefits system is a unique servicing concept designed to promote the distribution of Telemedicine to the clientele base of credit unions and financial institutions.


The primary objective is to bring together the talents of consultants and administrative personnel to implement retail –driven distribution programs for telemedicine products that act like traditional banking products.

Dr. Connection Benefits (DrCB), the premier national and international Telemedicine consulting and wholesaler reseller company, has selected Impact Financial Services to introduce DrCB Telemedicine plans to banks, credit unions and associations nationally.  DrCB, a recognized Telemedicine expert has primarily offered Telemedicine as a standalone benefit, the first in the industry to do so, featuring creative program structure and low monthly rates.  DrCB can provide any Telemedicine plan design, but specializes in no co-pay and unlimited consultation plan design.


“It’s great to partner with Impact Financial Services to help make the benefits of Telemedicine available to financial institutions and their accountholders,” said Tom Wallace, CEO of Dr Connection Benefits.  “Impact’s position and status in the financial institution and association marketplace provides the perfect distribution channel for rapid deployment of Telemedicine for financial institutions and their accountholders.”


Telemedicine is 24/7/365 access to a national network of board-certified physicians that use electronic health records, telephone consultations, and online video consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment and write short-term, non-DEA-controlled prescriptions when appropriate.  Telemedicine allows a person to access quality care for non-emergency illnesses from the convenience of home, work, or on the go.


According to Tom Wallace, CEO of Dr Connection Benefits, the acceptance of Telemedicine is growing significantly, partly because of the familiarity with and improvement of technology and the lack of nearby medical facilities in rural areas.  “We’re excited about the ease with which organizations and employers can now offer our Telemedicine plans.  This is primarily due to our partner Genius Avenue’s advanced enrollment, billing and administrative technology.” Wallace said.  “Their ability to provide our clients with custom, branded web portals and email marketing platforms is unmatched in the industry.”


About Dr. Connection Benefits – Dr. Connection Benefits (DrCB) partners with third party distributors to provide affordable access to high-quality healthcare and lifestyle benefits.  DrCB’s discount medical and lifestyle plans are not insurance, but are a low-cost alternative or complement to insurance.  For a low monthly fee, members receive access to participating providers who have agreed to provide products and services at discounted rates.  To learn more visit, or call 877-340-3327.


About Impact Financial Services – Impact Financial Services has provided fee income enhancement services and overdraft protection services for financial institutions since 1998.  Impact’s overdraft protection services are endorsed by two national banking associations, ICBA Services and NAFCU Services, together representing over 5,500 banks and credit unions. To learn more about Impact, visit, or call (800) 477-9452.

Nashville, Tennessee – November 20, 2013 - DrCB finalized negotiations for telemedicine

pricing and programs on behalf of, who is now adding customized

telemedicine plans to the internet based company’s education and resource offerings. recently launched a new and improved website that now provides those

that are Medicare eligible with all of the information they will need to make changes to

Original Medicare insurance, Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D plans. There are

no eligibility requirements for the new telemedicine programs.


“ is always looking for services that simplify healthcare for consumers” said

CEO Bill Kimberlin. “We are excited to launch the telemedicine program giving consumers

the ability to speak with a physician for common ailments anytime it is needed. We

believe it is an affordable service allowing seniors to access medical professionals from

the comfort of their home.”


Genius Avenue of Arizona on behalf of is administering the telemedicine

programs. DrCB National Sales Associate Steve Mitchell of Nashville, and CEO Tom

Wallace represented in negotiating the telemedicine pricing and program


Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - November 4, 2013 - In just fourteen (14) short months, Dr
Connection Benefits has contracted with entities and organizations representing an
audience of 3.8 million americans that will be using telemedicine services through DrCB’s
varied telemedicine provider relationships, once all programs have launched by the end of

This rapid growth has prompted the addition of four new partners and twelve new Direct
Sales Associates. This in concert with over 1200 producers contracted through key
insurance agencies and benefit consultants, has positioned DrCB as a major production
player and trusted expert in the telemedicine space.

New partners Edwin Roberson and Charles Bell, Sr carry significant healthcare
relationships and experience. Mr Roberson recently served as chairman of Methodist
LeBonheur Healthcare. Prior to that, Edwin spent 21 years in the international accounting
firm KPMG before joining Conwood Company in 1992 as CFO. Mr. Roberson was later
named President of Conwood LLC where, among other duties, was actively engaged in
overall business operations, strategic planning, governmental and legislative affairs at the
state and Federal level.

Mr. Bell began his career in the early 1970's when he and his partner founded Westside
Communications. During his tenure at Westside Communications he and his partner built
the company from a two-man operation to a multimillion-dollar business serving nine
southeastern states and more than 125 hospital customers. He founded Wescom a
healthcare technology company and led the development of a patient-centric common
path communications platform. In 2006 he rebranded Wescom as Intego Systems, Inc.
Currently over 300 hospitals across the country are using this technology.

New Sales Associates (NSA’s) include Matt Jones (President and Chief Executive Officer of
Enterprise Venture, TX), and Mark Humme of St. Louis, Missouri. For more information on all DrCB Partners and NSA’s, go to


October 28, 2013

Matt Robinson
Dr Connection Benefits
Ponte Vedra Beach, FL 32082
Phone: 904-728-2078 c

Dr Connection Benefits Secures Strategic Partnership with Benefit Recovery, Inc
Ponte Vedra Beach, Florida - October, 28, 2013 - Dr Connection Benefits (DrCB) and
Benefit Recovery (BRI) of Memphis, Tennessee immediately realized the combined cost
saving impact each could have with their respective clients through strategic cross
marketing and integrated product programs. Tom Wallace, DrCB CEO, “Combining
proprietary telemedicine and cost recovery products and services through our two firms
brings a powerful savings mechanism to employers and TPA’s. Today’s healthcare
access, cost and legitimacy concerns requires focused experts that are sincerely
interested in the long term financial and physical health of the employer and the

"With a shared vision for providing strategic and effective cost containment solutions, the
dynamic partnership between Benefit Recovery Inc and DrCB has been able to provide
substantial, cost-saving value to each of our most valued TPA, carrier and self-funded
employer relationships," said Winn Rawson, President of Benefit Recovery.

For more than a decade, Benefit Recovery focused exclusively on employer-funded health
plan subrogation, serving Fortune 500 companies and others. BRI is distinguished in the market for their ability to double and sometimes triple clients’ recoveries, while gracefully managing relationships with clients and with their employees. Today, BRI continues to provide the same rigorous and robust recoveries to self-funded plans, while also working directly with third-party administrators (TPAs) – to help them better support their own

Since early 2012, DrCB has made its mark nationally as an expert in telemedicine
program structure for multiple market verticals such as self-funded employers,
membership driven associations, health systems, carriers. DrCB was the first direct
reseller to identify the need for telemedicine to be structured, priced and offered as a
stand alone product, immediately positioning this service as a necessary supplement
benefit supporting the healthcare industry.



National Tax Credit (NTC) of Atlanta, GA, who provides tax credit processing and implementation services, will be including Telemedicine services as an additional benefit for their present and future clients. Denny Thompson, Dr Connection Benefits (DrCB) Partner and NationalSales Associate has worked diligently with Telemed Benefits of Jacksonville, Florida to provide discount embed rates to NTC. The unlimited consultation and no co pay customized telemedicine program negotiated by DrCB enhances NTC’s already significant benefits and services package. Telemedicine provides NTC’s clients / employe with an answer to the high cost of employee healthcare, while curtailing absenteeism and contributing a valuable and convenient healthcare alternative to those employees.


Telemedicine is 24/7/365 access to a national network of board certified physicians that use electronic health records, telephone consultations, and online video consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment and write short term, non DEA controlled prescriptions when appropriate.Telemedicine allows a person to access quality care for nonemergency illnesses from the convenience of their home, work, or on the go.


Jacksonville, Florida - Connect MD (CMD) of Jacksonville, Florida has executed a service agreement with telemedicine provider Consult A Doctor (CADR) to provide a series of Direct to Consumer Programs; the first launching 10/1/2013. CMD’s initial retail voluntary enrollment offering will touch 50,000 existing Scorecaster health care product newsletter subscribers. Phase two of this program will then touch an additional 200,000 Scorecaster customers. Phase three will launch 1/1/14 as a CMD independent television infomercial aired initially to a targeted regional audience, with intentions of going national in short order.


Dr. Connection Benefits (DrCB), a direct reseller for CADR, was instrumental in introducing CMD President Bobby Hulslander to CADR, resulting in a series of flexible and customized Direct to Consumer Programs that meet the needs for all three phases of the CMD/ Scorecaster offerings. DrCB also provided the introduction to Genius Avenue, who will handle all member engagement, education, nurturing campaigns, enrollment and back office operations for CMD.


Memphis, Tennessee - First South Credit Union (FSCU) has contracted with Consult A Doctor (CADR) to launch a retail voluntary telemedicine program to its 53,000 members on September 9, 2013.


Dr. Connection Benefits (DrCB), a direct reseller for CADR, negotiated a customized discoun telemedicine program on behalf of FSCU offering its members a no copay and unlimited consultation access to CADR’s national network of board certified doctors. DrCB also provided theintroduction to Genius Avenue, who will handleall member engagement, education, nurturing campaigns, enrollment and back office operations for FSCU. FSCU will also be providing these same telemedicine services to its employees through a customized CADR employer paid programs negotiate by DrCB. 


Telemedicine is 24/7/365 access to a national network of board certified physiciansthat use electronic health records, telephone consultations, and online video consultations to diagnose, recommend treatment and write short term, non DEA controlled prescriptions when appropriate. Telemedicine allows a person to access quality care for nonemergency illnesses from the convenience of their home, work, or on the go.


Orlando, Florida (April 16, 2013) – With the economy sputtering and all of America's healthcare professionals scratching their heads as they try to make sense of the next round of changes associated with the Affordable Care Act  (ACA), one company has made the commitment to bring healthcare costs down in a very unique and affordable way.


Tom Wallace, CEO and National Sales Director of Dr. Connection Benefits, was the keynote speaker at the National Benefits Symposium of Brown & Brown Insurance on April 16th, 2013 in Orlando, Florida.  Mr. Wallace followed the President of Brown & Brown Insurance with his remarks speaking to over 500 Brown & Brown associates from all over the United States.


Mr. Wallace presented educational materials and advice related  to the benefits of Telemedicine in today's health care world and how it can substantially save employers and individuals in their health care cost.  Other key players at Dr. Connection Benefits to include Bill Monteith, Denny Thompson and Matt Robinson joined him. 

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DrCB Telemedicine Plus

Retail monthly price of $19.95 for single and $29.95 for family with wholesale and employer paid pricing available...

Wholesale/Employer Paid Plans

Wholesale access to high-quality health care and lifestyle benefits plans for agents brokers and associations...

Voluntary Retail DrCB Telemedicine

Retail monthly price of $14.95 for single and $19.95 for family with wholesale and employer paid pricing available...


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